From Japan to the World, a New Bestselling Author



Now that the Japanese Shohei Ohtani is making a series of super plays in MLB.
In the children’s book industry, there is a work that is making a breakthrough in Japan and Asia as a starting point.
That book is “The gourmand Mosquito,” which has just been released on Kindle.


Ms.Morse the mosquito was a gourmet. She flies in search of human blood that tastes like good food.

But no matter how much she ate, she couldn’t eat enough.

One day, Ms.Morse went to a country where there was nothing but sand, and there was no one there to taste good food.

The people of that country were in trouble because they had no food. There was no water and most of the plants were dead.

Ms.Morse brought water from a spring and watered the withered flower.

After many days of this, the flowers came back to life and the flower drops produced a big river.

The people who had fallen became healthy.

Ms.Morse, who had fed on their blood, felt his stomach fill up for the first time.

It has some similarities with “Flight of the Hummingbird”.
The theme of this submission is “the age of plenty”, and I think this story will be easily accepted by those who like “Flight of the Hummingbird”.

In today’s society, people seem to think that it is important to get more of what they want than others, but this work conveys that the greatest happiness is to find what truly satisfies you.
This work also conveys the message that helping others in need is the way to bring happiness back to yourself.

There are also other fairy tales by the same author that have been uploaded to YouTube.
The reading by the author himself is in Japanese, but I highly recommend you watch it as well.

I also recommend “Sea fox ~Legend of the Nine-tailed Fox” which is also available on Kindle.
It is about a Japanese monster, the Nine-tailed Fox, and is based on an actual Japanese legend from the Warring States period.

I’m also waiting for an offer from Literary Agents! Seeking agents for Children’s Book.



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